I know what to say to myself, I only wished that it eased the guilt more than it does. I've only done it a few times, hopefully it will get better in the doing. Ivam very aware of a real decline in my on health. Pain, stress, sleep, stomach. If I don't start doing it more it's going to get worse. How have you managed it? I've gone to the doctor when I need to and have meds for the symptoms but meds don't help the feelings that cause things. I have doctors and caseworkers for my bipolar and homecare assistance.

Yes, who do you have to say no to, Mom? Has caring for her excellerated your health problems? Does Mom live with you or in her own home?

Do u have siblings? Maybe time for them to step up. If no siblings, then maybe research resources to get Mom help she needs.

You have goid reasons to say NO. Mom or whomever need to understand you have your own health problems and can't always be there when they need you.
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It does very much depend on what you are having to say no about.

I see from your profile that you are finding the difference between your professional experience and your family role difficult. It IS difficult!

Would you like to say a little more about what is happening that is causing you to feel guilty even when "no" is the right answer?
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