How do you deal with parents who do not talk to you and do not understand your feelings towards them?

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Not young though, and I am not caring now
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How old are you, Kamila? And how old are your parents?
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I gather you're taking care of this person, at least to the point where you have to interact with them somewhat.

I don't know what you mean by "doesn't talk to you." Refuses to engage at all? Gives you the cold shoulder? Or, won't talk about your relationship with them?

FWIW, I take care of my mother, who does not understand my feelings towards her. It's better for her not to know, really, and I don't feel the need for her to know. We make pleasantries, talk about politics (on which we have similar views), and talk about her immediate needs for the time we're together. That's it. I've given up expecting more. We were close friends before my mother became so dependent on me but now, it's all about her. I've become a resource to her, not more. Once I accepted that, it became the norm for us and, as they say "it is what it is."
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