How do we handle Dad lying to nurse?


dad on hospice...usually tells nurse "he's fine", even though he has had a rough day or week

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My dad...also on hospice...does this too.
We finally figured out that he sometimes puts on a "show" for the nurse and CNA. He is a very proud, stubborn man and for people to be taking care of him is really, really hard for him. He puts on a "show" (I feel pretty good is his stock answer ...we KNOW he doesn't) for the family too...but it is his way of trying to spare us and sometimes he gets tired of talking about his situation and just wants to hear about anything else.
At some point things come to a head and he has to tell the "truth" or the nurse just knows by the evidence in front of her.
Hospice nurses have seen it all and are used it.
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And please don't call him on "lying" -- he is probably doing what he has done all his life, minimize calling attention to himself. Or perhaps it is wishful thinking. Just tell the nurse what she needs to know.
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You tell the nurse his symptoms, out of earshot. She can hear what's going on in his chest.
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