My mother has just had 3 small heart attacks as is now stable and in a rehab center but she has been there for 2 weeks and now is screaming to go home. But the staff believe she need 24 hour care. She is adamant that she wants to go home and would rather die in her home than spend the rest of her live in a nursing home. My mother is 91 years old

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I don't if this will help but, here goes. I have a single aunt who lived alone for many years, a retired teacher. When her behaviors began to become irratic and she started to act strange in church and other places, a fellow member of her church referred her to a counseling agency who allerted me to the fact that they took her to a doctor who determined that she had dementia and would be best in a nursing home. When asked to become her guardian I refused and a neutral third party was contracted to communicate with her, have her admitted to a nursing home, and work to handle her home and personal affairs. This worked well and she transitioned smoothly. Had I been involved she would been uncooperative with everything. Perhaps by getting a neutral third party such as a doctor involved in her case, a social worker, her cardilogist or someone like that talk to her about the necessity - and benefits to her - of entering as nursing home, she will think it over and concent to a nursing facility. Many have great activities available for those who are able to participate. Good luck.
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