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If you have a copy of the will and the deed take them to your local court house and filed evition notice. If this person disagrees she will have her say in court. After that, if she refuses to leave you just simply call the police and show them all your paperwork and they will show her the road. Don't forget to change the locks right after she leaves.
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This is a legal issue. Visit a local attorney with your mother's will or trust if she had one. In any case you may need to start legal proceedings to remove the squatter.
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You have a squatter? Is it someone you know? How long was the house empty. Really need more info.

You will probably need a lawyer for this. You will need a copy of the Will where said property has been left with you. You will need the deed showing Mom owned it. Any mortgage papers showing she was paying a mortgage or the Mortgage was paid off. If you can't find the deed or Mortgage, go to your County Clerks office and get a copy. It should be on file with them.

Does this person claim she is the owner? How long has she been living there? She will need to prove ownership or at least a lease saying she has a right to be there. You will probably have to evict her in housing court. If she won't leave the house, then you will need a lawyer. Not sure what housing court can do for you if she won't leave.

Make sure if you can get her out that there are police present when she moves to confirm she removes all her belongings and they sign off. Do not allow her to leave anything to "come back later" for. Her eviction notice will give her ample time to move. If she leaves without removing everything, Pack her stuff up well and put in a safe place. Find out how long you must keep it before its considered abandoned. If you can contact her, send a certified letter saying if she is not there to pick up her belongings by a certain date, they will be descarded. Ask that she give you a heads up 24hrs before so you will be there. Then have a policeman there to sign off.
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An heir only gets what is coming to them once the person who bequeathed it dies. Has your mum died? If so it is the job of the executor to distribute the assets according to your mum's will. Check with the executor for papers stating you have inherited the house and then see a lawyer.
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We need a little more information before anyone can help you!
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