Question: New to all this and not sure how to start.

How can I stop a nephew from becoming a conservator for my mother who was recently put in a home for dementia? My nephew has tried to take over her finances twice. Underhanded nephew also went through his mother's money before she had even passed spending all the money. He was holding onto my sister's will and not passing it to my father (who was supposed to handle things) as requested in her will. He also got my 83 yo father involved in an unscrupulous deal with a contractor and my father ended up owing the contractor money. My nephew lives in my father's house (most likely rent free). My father doesn't want to evict him because of the grandchildren that live there. Any suggestions on how I can stop my mother from being taken advantage of? Also, how can I protect my father from my nephew? I am out of the loop as my siblings won't talk with me and are ignorant to my nephew's shady dealings. My father told me these things. Thanks.

It sounds like guardianship is the route to go, You may benefit from seeing an elder lawyer. It is probably too late for your mother to appoint a POA She has to be able to understand what she is doing, so your nephew should not be successful in that. Had your mother's dr declared her incompetent? A lawyer experienced in elder affairs may be able to guide you as to how to protect your dad. Is your dad well or does he have the beginnings of dementia? Is there any particular reason he told you and not the others?
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TwinRivers Oct 23, 2018
Thank you so much. The rest of the family doesn't see the nephew as a problem. He's a charmer. My family also does not communicate with each other. My dad is embarrassed to let them know what happened. All of his life my dad looked out for other people and not being able to be in command of a situation has hit him hard. He does have the beginnings of dementia.
Sounds like your Father also needs help.
You could petition to become Guardian for both your Mother and your Father. This way you would be the one that would be in charge of all things financial as well as medical. You would be the one that your Nephew would have to answer to.

Guardianship is not easy nor is it to be entered into lightly but it truly does sound like they both need to be protected.
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