Two years living with my 95 year old Mother is making me crazy. She’s quite healthy, yet mentally failing, and repeats herself constantly. I need my space! My husband passed away, so I moved back to my hometown in MI with Mom & to be close to family, but I miss my husband, our home & my adult life! I’ve returned to the situation l wanted to leave in the first place. Now my mom is so dependent on me that she will literally scream my name if I’m not in her eyesight. I have outside activities albeit limited due to COVID. I used to go to the gym to relieve my stress but that’s closed now. I get agitated easily at mom, and feel so guilty afterward, usually because she always wants to go with me everywhere I go. I need my space!! Where can I find a support group to speak with others who can relate to my situation? I attended a grief group and I know how much it helps to be around people who can feel my pain.

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I'm somewhat familiar with the area in which you live.    There used to be a U of M facility in the area (around 8 Mile and Haggerty), but I believe it was primarily a building of medical practitioners.  However, where large hospitals have satellite services, they sometimes also have support groups.   

The U of M Hospital system in Ann Arbor is extensive, and if I remember correctly it had support groups as well as free classes on various medical issues.   DMC's Rehab Institute of Michigan also had classes, and if I remember correctly a second time, support groups.   However, DMC was acquired by a for profit company which D'C'ed all classes.   

These large hospital systems are good sources, especially the ones with multiple locations.

Alz. Assn. and Senior Centers as Grandma1954 suggested are excellent sources.

The Henry Ford Health System has an excellent outreach program (or at least they did before the pandemic);  it has a beautiful facility in W. Bloomfield, a bit of a drive, but this is the suburban HQ, and has a medical building more like a small European city (as well as an organic garden greenhouse).  

Jewish Vocational Services (one in Southfield; used to be another in Detroit but I don't know if it's still open) provides a variety of services as well; it was the host site for the Alz. Assn. Creating Confident Caregiver series.

I think the problem now though is that many of these kinds of support activities have been suspended during the pandemic.
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Alzheimer's Association has lists of support groups.
You might want to call your local Senior Center they may have lists.
A memory Care facility near you might also offer a support group and in most cases your loved one does not need to be a resident (although they probably would hope you select that facility if you choose placement at some point, of even for respite)
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I just Googled "Michigan Caregiver Support Groups," and it brought up tons of links.

Do that and look for one in your area.
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