Both of my parents (88). My mother has early stages of dementia, my father diabetes and heart issues. They both are in walkers. I dispense meds, set up appts, shop, clean and bathe. This allows me only to work 25 hours a week at my regular job. How do I get compensation, financially and can I claim them as my dependents without interfering with their ss benefits. They have no income but ss right now. What do i do?

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You'll need to look up the IRS qualifications for claiming your parents as dependents. The rules are rather strict which include things like providing over 50% of their support and other things.

Most adult care givers do not get paid accept by their parent's with a written contract. You can do a search site in the upper right hand corner of this page about being paid to care for parents, but you want find much.

Do they have any extra money that could possibly pay for some help so that you can keep your part time job which you need partly for your own sanity and for your own income?

As a last resort, you may find yourself looking into their qualifying for medicaid.

Good luck and keep in touch.
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