I have left my own home, moved into my dad's house. When he asked me he was more lucid. Next week he has an annual physical and I think the dr will 'notice' his mental decline. He has not signed any POA. My sister does all his financial things for him, but it is all in his name only. When asked if he has a "living will or power of attorney" he says yes. I am afraid. what if he were to fall, have a stroke? Despite my education and work experience, I feel inadequate in this role of housemate/caregiver. I have been reading here and think I have made a poor decision to move myself and my husband. Dad orders my husband to do things (open close blinds and air vents, move things from here to there...) and he will do them, but is gettting fed up. People say how wonderful I am for doing this and I feel like I am not wonderful, these are precious times and all that but it is so much hooey. I am afraid because I live here now so what if something does happen? What if he is incapacitated without any medical advanced directives? Since the the house is to be sold to settle his estate (he does have a WILL) how do I prepare to esssential be evicted the week I bury my dad?

Who is the executor of your father's will? You won't be evicted the week you bury your father. You are a tenant in the house. The executor should give you at least 60-90 days to move out. If he/she doesn't want to do that graciously then make him/her formally evict you - it will take at least that long.

You might also ask your father to provide a codicil to his will that states how long you are allowed to live in the house after his death and what contents he gifts you with (furniture, kitchen contents, etc.).

I suggest you find a couple of apartment complexes or house rental agencies you like so when the time comes you know where you want to turn.

If your dad is still competent (and he can be even in the early stages of dementia) the a POA is very much needed - ask your dad if he wants family making decisions for him or the state government?
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