How do I change POA?


Need an attorney? Because my daughter has proven unreliable, I want to change my POA over to my sister Can I do this myself or do I need the assistance of an attorney? I also want to make the same change re: the executer of my will.

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granmo, I would strongly suggest you use an Attorney, preferably an Elder Law attorney to change your Power of Attorney and to make changes to your Will.

Some people will do these things without the help of an Attorney, but one misplaced or left out word could create a minefield later on.
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You'll also need to add specific language revoking the prior POA and Will to ensure there's no confusion.

I've never looked at the on-line forms so I don't know if they're for initial or revised documents, but I'd definitely go to an attorney to make sure all the issues are covered.

Wills also can be amended by a Codicil; they don't necessarily have to be rewritten.
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You can get forms on line but most people would advise you to use an attorney. You must make sure your documents comply with the laws and regs in your state.
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