Parents have lost everything in this "Great Flood of 2016". Moved in with us but Mother is asking the same questions every 15-30 min. Why didn't anyone tell me it was coming?, did we lose...? , did we have flood insurance?, where are we going to live?, let's go get my car.... Trying to be honest but seems like we shouldn't be. Remembers nothing from last 8 days. Answer all questions and start all over again right after. She understands enough to think she is going crazy and knows that she remembers nothing. First couple days thought we were packing for flood to come. Should we be sheltering her from truth? We have been out at house/flood site for days trying to save things and do cleanup. She wants to be there but doesn't understand what is going on. We understand the shock because we went through Katrina. But we don't know what to do and each day gets worst. At what point is this not dementia and we should be getting her more care??

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waveland, her stress level has the dementia in overdrive. Ask for anxiety meds for her. If she won't take them, maybe you should. Her mind is racing, which is perfectly normal, but her mental roadmap is not connected.
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Waveland - wow. I'm so sorry for your mom and your family. Like having dementia doesn't suck enough - your mother has to loose even more - everything - because of this flood. But actually, she hasn't lost everything - she has you! I imagine things will be very difficult for you, your mom and your family for some time. You can only do what you can do, one day at a time - please don't forget to include yourself on that long list of things that need to taken care of! As cwillie recommends, lots of reassuring words will probably help your mom best. I don't think I'd take her to see her house as it would surely be a devastating shock. Best of luck to you and when you feel your patience pushed to your limit come here and blow off some pressure.
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I've watched the news coverage showing them leading elders through the flood waters and empathized with their fear and loss, it must be so much worse to have dementia compounding things. I think that I would just keep reassuring her that she is safe now with you, that you will take care of all the details.
"What about the car/insurance?" Oh, mom, it's OK, I'll take care of it.
"Where will I go?" Don't worry mom, we'll figure it out. For now you are safe with me.
It must be terribly hard when she can't remember the answers, but keep repeating and emphasizing that she is safe with you. If she can't settle down at all or it is disrupting her sleep then anti anxiety meds like Ativan may be helpful. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this.
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