I have Autism Spectrum Disorder And Depression. Will I be able to get approved for LTC Services?

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Despite all the helpful information, it appears that Phil has not returned since his second post, 10 days ago.
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Phil, In researching Medicaid Waiver, I have searched the AgingCare website and found this:

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8 years ago
As mentioned, it depends on the state in which you live. Many states have what are known as Medicaid waiver services. This means the state has gone to the feds with a plan to use Medicaid dollars in different ways. Sometimes these waiver services include nursing home long-term care diversion programs.

These programs are generically known as Home and Community Based Services and are intended to help those who would otherwise be eligible for nursing home benefits receive care in less intensive and therefore, hopefully, less expensive, venues.

So, for instance, here in Florida we have nursing home long-term care diversion program. It is managed by private companies that receive a monthly fee (called a "capitation") from the state to offer a continuum of long-term care services to those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid ("dual eligibles").

Services may be provided in the home, in an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. Most diversion programs will pay approximately $1,000 towards the cost of an assisted living facility.

To participate in long-term care diversion the applicant must meet the same Medicaid requirements as for institutional care; both medical and financial.

Is this what you are dealing with in Florida?
If you have income, SSI or SSDI income, maybe you don't need an institution.
For example, share renting a room could be affordable for you.

How are you doing so far?
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Your very young age is at issue because you have not been careful and have posted your name, age, location. You have done nothing wrong, but this is dangerous internet use, especially for you, considering the information you have shared and shared privately. I am positive you will be subject to exploitation.

Please change your screen name, remove your town from your profile, and your age.
Can you do that? You can abandon this question, and ask a new one.

You can come back with a new question, new screen name, and maybe someone can help you find the resources you need, once you are able to describe your circumstances.

I think you should try: "Supported Housing".
I am not sure LTC is what you need-that refers to the elderly going into a facility.

You have not said what advice you have tried so far, or what exactly health insurance you now have.
Some are:
Private health inurance.
Medicare for disabled or elderly 65 +
Medi-Cal (in California) for low income, very low income.
Medicaid (combination Medicare and Medi-Cal for low income and disabled.)

I am sorry that so far, you have no one to walk you through the process.
That is why I referred you to the Dept. of Rehabilitation and Regional Services.

Just want you to know, that even though you are struggling, step-by-step this can be managed, you can gave a good, valuable, and productive life, with just a very litle help from your friends.

In the meantime, watch "Mozart and the Whale", have you seen it?
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I am surprised you not under some organization now. I am starting to get help with housing for disabled nephew, now we may lose my Mom's house where he has been living the last nine years. I was told to try our local Dept of Disabilities. Is there an Autistic organizaion in your area?
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An adult with Autism is, imo, an underserved population when it comes to housing, medical, and supportive services. Nevertheless, there are support groups, even if you are the one with autism. You sound alone, usually there is family to advocate for you, but a support group can direct you in the right direction. So, go to a support group.

There is The Dept. of Rehabilitation and County Regional Services who can support you in your goals, whether it is to remain independent and become employed as much as possible; or if functioning is just now at a level requiring Soc.Sec. disability through your own work history or that of your parents-a possibility because of your young age.

If you require supportive housing, or cannot remain independent, you will qualify for Medicaid and long-term care ( when the time comes). Even then, supportive housing environments have special needs employment opportunities.

IMO, autism spectrum disorder and especially aspergers has you behaving competent one minute, and then there are serious downtimes-not your fault, it is part of the condition. So you will need an advocate to walk you through this. (Can be a friend).

Regional Services can help you with a case worker. Even though you are not mentally ill, having a psychiatrist to document your needs can help in the application for services, imo. (in my opinion).
If you are on SS disability, that income will go to pay for housing.
The other route is to go on welfare, SSI, but I am not as familiar with that plan.

Hope this was helpful.
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You might be able to get Palliative Care (not the same as Hospice Care) for your medical issues, but it won't be as extensive as if you had insurance, and on that issue, what kind of medical insurance do you have now? Is it unsatisfactory and/or insufficient?

Have you considered applying for Medicaid?

I don't know much about IL and whether there's financial support for it. Others here probably are more informed on that issue.
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Independent living and medical
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Phil, what specific long term care service do you feel you need? Assistance with finances to stay in Independent Living? Long term care for medical services? Have you applied for any disability services?

I'm not very knowledgeable on this situation but wanted to get a few clarifications and bump your post up so others can see and respond.
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