Help for Alz 4 hrs pere day 5 days per week. Need to know if their is any help that is free and if not how much per hour for help.

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Robie, first, what kind of care do you need for your wife? Medical care? Assistance with ADLs? Housekeeping care? It would be helpful to list the types of assistance you want, as that will determine what kind of agency/company/help to get, and that in turn determines whether it's covered by Medicare or is charged to you directly.

I've recently learned of a what I've been old is a relatively new program called Palliative Care. It's not hospice care; it's a step above it. From what I've learned, it's care for people with chronic medical situations. It's not end of life care.

After an initial assessment based on a script referral from a treating physician, it will be determined by the palliative care agency what care can be provided.

That might include a visiting physician, a nurse and I'm still unsure what other specialties might be available. We're in this process now.

One of the benefits of palliative care is that conditions are treated, not as quickly as if you went to Urgent Care or an ER, but they are treated at home, with the visiting personnel doing the leg work to get diagnoses, etc. If you live in a cold area, this would be a real benefit in the winter time.

On the other hand, if you need daily help with nonmedical issues, you would probably look for private duty firms. These are expensive, private pay, and as I'm learning, legally cover themselves first before providing care for patients. And it's not medical care. One company even charges more for assistance with ADLs; every one is a bit different.

In SE Michigan I've gotten quotes ranging from $19 to $26 per hour. It's NOT cheap.

Are either of you a Veteran? If so, start with the VA. If you need suggestions on that, see this post:

Good luck; finding qualified care as I'm discovering is like finding that rare Truffle or pot filled with gold at the end of the rainbow.
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You can contact your local Area Agency on Aging (your profile doesn't say where you are) or the local chapter of Alzheimer's Association. They will be able to discuss your particular situation, what is available locally free or low cost, and how to apply.
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