He had gall bladder infection and had emergency surgery. It is only been a week. He has Alzheimer's stage 6 and he doesn't understand he can't do this anymore. What do we do? Need help.

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If you can't stop him, maybe you can make it easier if he is not using the ones that fold and tape at the sides. Or as some places are using is to put two pads under the person and pull one up between the legs. If the patient can roll from side to side it might help.
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Honestly? If these two are living on their own with no in-home health aides, you absolutely need to get them help. Call the hospital where the gentleman was for his surgery and speak with the social worker. Failing that, call their doctors. Is there family available who can help, even if they take shifts to cover 24 hours? If there is no one else to do it, he probably feels like he HAS to do it. Stopping him isn’t an option if there is no one else. Dirty incontinence briefs can lead to urinary tract infections.

Where was the Discharge Planner at the hospital in all this? Were they made aware what the gentleman’s home situation is? Why was he released, post surgery, to a home with a person who needs constant care? Did someone tell the Planner that he would have care at home and then not follow through?

These two need 24/7 supervision and care.
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