He yells. Bangs things. I don't want it anymore.

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Loyaline510, sometimes the behavior that your Dad is showing can be caused by something as simple as an Urinary Tract Infection. Take Dad to his primary doctor or urgent care for testing. If it is an UTI, it can be cleared up with antibiotics.
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Do you have poa? If so, place him in memory care facility. Contact aps and tell them you can no longer care for him that he has become more aggressive and you feel he may harm you or himself. They may be able to help with placement where he can get the help he needs. Not everyone is meant to take care of an elderly parent, especially if they need specialized care. don't let anyone tell you differently or make you second guess what you feel is best for you and your father
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This is your dad you don’t want to care for? Are you his next of kin?
Call the Area Agency on Aging and makke sure they have dad’s address and General Info. Let them know that he is a vulnerable adult and alone.
Also call the adult protective services with the same info.
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