Caregiver has sold possessions, vehicle, written checks $10,000.00 each, and taken control of finances collecting widowers pension. In addition to attaining Trust Deed as a designated Successor with her spouse. Also, purchasing a hair studio with funds fraudulently aquired from elderly aunt. The list goes on.

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What relation is "caregiver" to Aunt. Is Aunt diagnosed as having dementia?
Is Caregiver Financial POA? I ask this because we always see just the one side of stories when questions are asked on Forum.
I was appointed by my brother as his DPOA and as the Trustee of his Trust. Naturally that meant that I took control of his finances. The person who does this is accountable UNDER THE LAW. If you suspect Financial Fraud gather your EVIDENCE and report to APS of a Lawyer at once.
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We need more information, as there are many issues to address.    Did this occur before or after the death?   When was the Trust Deed obtained, again, before or after?  It's hard to determine the issues w/o some time frame.  

This is what would help:

1.   Background information on the caregiver, when he or she began working for your aunt.

2.   What end of life documents your aunt had, and whether or not they were changed prior to death to include the caregiver.

3.   Do you have copies of any of the documents?

4.   How and when did you learn about the transactions to which you refer?  What documentation do you have?

5.  Where were you and the other family while this was happening?  Did you speak with your aunt about these concerns?  Did your aunt have any level of dementia?

Providing more information will allow more succinct answers and help you plan potential action.
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