She was contacted by an outfit that told her they could help her with her credit card debt by taking the interest part of her bill and pay off her cards. Said she only needed to make 3 more payments and then her cards would be paid off and she was not able to use them for 18mos. They asked her to verify her credit card numbers and then pulled $12000.00 from her account. She normally talks to me about things before doing anything but she thought that because they said they were reaching out to seniors who have high cc debt during these trying times she went for it. She didn't know they took money out of her account until she was telling me about it and I told her to call her companies and request new cards and put a freeze on all accounts, Bank of America said it was too late, they already pulled the money. I am not sure where she can go from here besides calling the police. Any suggestions, like most seniors they are on SSA and nothing else.

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My mom lost about the same amout with a different scam. That issue pulled the trigger for me to get guardianship over her. She was showing signs of cognitive impairment.
Anyways the money is gone. You should file a police report to create a paper trail and ask for a copy. I used that as part of the evidence to get guardianship and I was also appointed conservatorship. There were other money bleeding loopholes I had to close. You might need that evidence if she applies for Medicaid and the 5 year lookback finds the loss. I also brought the evidence to her accountant at tax time.
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Her bank should have checked with her. Doesn't she have fraud alerts on her accounts?
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Call the police and report it, at least she'll have a paper trail and hopefully wont be accused of gifting the money if she ever needs to apply for Medicaid. The money is likely gone for good though.

May try changing her phone settings so she cant receive calls from unknown numbers.
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