The facility my family member is in wants to get rid of my Mom because they can't raise her rent so they are making false accusations about me, her POA. If I ask who, what or where they say they don't have to tell me. They also say I'm confronting if I try to talk to Mom's caregivers . Their lawyer sent me a letter, I don't know what to do? Please help!!!

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The facility wants to raise her rent but "can't"-why can't they?
POA (power of attorney) should be easy enough to prove. The paperwork needs to be shown to the administration.
Who are "they" who won't tell you anything, the nurses/aides? Have you spoken to the administration about this problem?
What did the lawyer's letter contain?
Really, this post needs to have much more information added to it.
You need to speak with the facility director about your concerns. Your allegations are not adding up as you presented them.
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Srgramacy, we need more information. What type of facility is your Mom residing? Why does the facility want your Mom to leave? What did the Attorney say in his letter?

About 4 years ago you had posted that your Mom was bed-bound and on Hospice. And here she is still with you, that is amazing. Wonder if Mom is making the accusations as that can happen with Alzheimer's [as per past postings], but you would think the facility would understand that stage.

Oh, I also noticed that a few years ago that you had run into a similar issue regarding your Dad who was in Assisted Living... where his Power of Attorney didn't want to give you any health information on him, and wouldn't allow you to visit. Just wondering if you are emotionally repeating a pattern. It is easy to do especially when we want what is best for our love ones.
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