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You continue to pay rent until you have cleared the room. As soon as we moved mom's stuff out, the rent stopped. We got the pro-rated remainder refunded to us. That's the law in NY and probably other places too.
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Cam1964, so sorry for your loss.

Usually when a resident leaves a room, the facility needs to rehab the room.... such as painting, maybe new carpet, various repairs, etc. that can take a couple of days or a full week, thus no rent is being had on that unit. Thus, they rush to get that room ready for the next person.

Rooms held without rent so that a family can empty the room would hit the bottom line on the budget, if everyone did that. Business wise, that would mean higher rents, or less employees, etc.
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Read the rental contract that was signed, that states how many days you have after some one passes away to remove belongings. If paid for by Medicare for rehab or waiver by Medicaid, the facility does not get paid any more once resident is deceased. Read your paperwork. You can refuse to pay and have a claim filed against the estate, maybe. Assisted living is a business and sadly does not store belongings free for grieving family. Liability for any missing items is also their concern. Sorry for your loss.
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