I wasn’t involved in her health care back then. Even current neurologist doesn’t have correct date. I have POA. What’s the easiest way? Would health insurance have that info? Pharmacy?

Does she have a primary care physician? If she has had regular medical providers, there is probably a list of her health problems and they may be able to scan her record to find when that diagnosis first appeared on her medical record.

The diagnosis date indicates when a physician made that PD diagnosis. She likely developed symptoms before the diagnosis.

I am a nurse practitioner and have had to scour a new patient's medical record way back to get a complete history, especially when the patient or family are not good historians. Now that medical records are on the computer, an electronic health record can make it easier to search. More and more health and hospital systems are trying to use the same type of electronic medical record so a provider at say "Hospital A" can view patients history from "Hospital B" or "Hospital C".

If you are the legal health care power of attorney, bring that document with you when you make appointment to meet with her primary care provider. Let them know, that you are interested in knowing her health history, what to expect of her health as time passes, and what you can do to make sure she can have the best possible quality of life.
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When our loved one was diagnosed, she was given a prescription. If your mother was prescribed something to try to slow down the disease, that's probably a good guess as to the date the disease was diagnosed. If she's taking a drug for dementia, ask the doctor's office or pharmacist when she started it.
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The date? Doesn't really does it? Want to figure out how long she has to live? Stages are only general ideas and actually are different for everyone. Check the Parkinson's website specifically.

If you really need the info her doc must have it in her chart. Since you have POA ask to review it.
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