How can I get paid for taking care of my dad?


I am unable to work because I took over taking care of my dad last year when my mom died. If I did not stay home to care for him, he would have to live in a home. I prepare all of his meals and serve them to him since he forgets to eat if I don't. He is diabetic in addition to several other medical conditions. The few times I was gone for a good portion of the day to take care of person things I came home to find he hadn't remembered to take his medication and only had his morning snack all day long. We cannot afford for him to hire someone to do what I do and I was told he does not qualify for Medicaid. I was told by a friend that she got paid for taking care of her mother. At the time this information was not relevant and my friend is no longer with us so this information is inaccessible. I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.

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spbrewer, the vast majority of grown children who are caregivers for their parent(s) do not get paid.... unless the parent can pay you from their own retirement fund.

I see by your profile that you are only 39 years old.  You really need to be out in the workforce.  I wonder if your Dad is still in the grieving stages since your Mom had recently passed.  And that your Mom use to cater to your Dad for everything.  Thus, he didn't learn to do for himself :(

You can call your local county Agency on Aging to see if they have any recommendations since your Dad is unable to qualify for Medicaid.

Your friend might have been paid through Medicaid at the time, but with State budget cuts some programs may no longer be active. Each State managed their own Medicaid with their own programs.
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For In home supportive services, you need medicaid, or medi-cal. But there are other services  out there that also help seniors .  I'm trying myself to figure out how to find affordable services for my Dad
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I don't know if this is available in all US states but California has In Home Support Services (IHSS).
Your father will be evaluated and allowed so many hours for care. You will have to go to a caregivers class and be fingerprinted. Then you can apply to be his caregiver.
The pay was minimum wage. He would sign your timecard.

I know of nothing else that would pay you to take care of him.

Make sure you sign up for whatever benefits you would qualify for; welfare, food stamps, Medicaid (Medi-Cal for California) and any other subsidies you can get. You are providing a huge service to your dad. You should not have to be in poverty because of your sacrifice.
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