With Trump now demanding that states insist that Medicaid recipients work at least part-time —- who’s going to take care of elderly relatives? I am an unpaid caregiver to my elderly Mom with Alzheimer's who medically can't be left alone (wandering, falling, other risks) but rely on Medicaid for my own health care (I have diabetes and require health care for my insulin, foot care, eye care, etc.) — I’ll just literally DIE from the diabetes, and she will be left in the streets and DIE too, now that I now unable to provide for MY own health care!

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First, be assured the implementation will be greatly delayed while many and various organization bring lawsuits in federal courts.

Second..,even in the states trying it....sole caregiver is exempt.
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There are exemptions. One of them is "caregiving".

Also, not all states are implementing this change. Trump just said states can, but it's not mandatory. I think Kentucky is the only one to have done it. Only about a 5th of the states have so far said they will. I doubt California or New York will ever do it. California still hasn't implemented things that the other states did concerning more restrictive medicaid from 2005/2006.
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