How can I get my mother out of a nursing home after I put her there?

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CMroark, I am guessing that you may be feeling guilty? You placed her for a reason. We're you exhausted, stressed, recognized you could not do it any longer? More information would be helpful. Why do you think anything would change if she were not there? Would you feel better? Where does mom get the best care? How are you best able to care for yourself?
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If you had the authority to have your mother admitted to a nursing home, why would you not now have the authority to have her discharged from the same nursing home to as good or better a care setting?

Where are you planning to place her next?
Is somebody opposing this idea? - who?
What is the reason for your change of heart/mind? Has there been some serious failing on this particular NH's part?
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What is the purpose for which she's there? Is it for rehab, short term or long term? Is she recovering from surgery or an injury?

Did a doctor script for her to be there?
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Why did you put her there? How long ago was that? Why do you want to take her out now?

Is someone trying to prevent her from leaving?

Are you her medical POA/healthcare proxy?

More details will help.
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Can you please give us more details?
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