I have been taking care of my parent for over 6 months. She refuses to get better. She has a plethora of issues with Parkinson’s and contracture / arthritis being the worst of it.

How does one get assistance to come in? She has Medicare and Medicaid. We can’t afford private care?

She is 100% total care, how can I transition her into a skilled nursing home if I cant get help? I know I can't be her caregiver 100% any longer.

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If Mom is competent, you are going to have a hard time getting her LTC if she is unwilling to go. If her Medicaid is for heath insurance the criteria for in home services is quite different. Medicaid for LTC, same thing, maybe different criteria. Depends on your State.

I would first try for "in home care" thru Medicaid. It will be based on Moms income. You may be able to get an aide for a certain number of hours a day.

Skilled Nursing maybe harder. The best way to get her in would be to private pay at first and apply for Medicaid when the money runs out. The other way is the next time she is hospitalized, tell them you cannot care for her any longer. Do not let them tell you you can get help. Best thing, let her go to rehab. Ask for an eval for 24/7 care. If its found that is what is needed, then tell them you cannot take her home and to transfer her to LTC. (Where I live rehab and LTC are in the same building) Rehab cannot release Mom unsafely. You not willing to give her care, is an unsafe discThe Social Worker can help u with a Medicaid application. Do not totally rely on the SW. Be on top of her/him. My state only gives 90 days to spend down money and to get paperwork needed. I did my Mom application and was in contact with the Medicaid caseworker.
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She is already a Medicaid recipient, therefore you must start calling facilities and find ones that accept Medicaid. Be prepared for possible waiting lists. In the interim you can call social services (Dept of Health and Human Services for your county) for an in-home assessment for some assistance. It won't be for 100% care but better than nothing.
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mstrbill Jan 2021
There is a difference between community Medicaid and LTC Medicaid. Even if you have community Medicaid, you still have to apply for LTC or nursing home Medicaid.
I was in the same situation as you are. We couldn't afford in home caregivers either. The long way to go about it is to 1. apply her for long term Medicaid with the State, 2. Visit nursing homes in your area, meet with the admissions director and apply/ see if they will accept her as Medicaid pending. You can also seek out your local area on aging agency to see if they can offer any assistance. If you don't have any success with those efforts you may have to find placement for her through the local hospital, or a state social worker (APS). You need to emphatically let them know that you are not able to adequately take care of mom anymore by yourself and they need to find placement for her.
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