My mother is legally blind.

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In some states, a POA is often registered with the county register of deeds. You could check there.
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This is probably a stupid question, but you have tried asking your mother where she keeps her important documents, have you?
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Cherry, if the 2014 Power of Attorney is the most current legal POA, a person can have it buried away somewhere. I assume that your Mom no longer remembers where it is? Does she remember who might be her Power of Attorney?

Some elders like to use a bank safety deposit box which is the wrong place to put the legal document. It is too easy to misplace the key, and if you aren't signed up to enter the box, the bank will not let you. Mom would need to do this.

Some elders like to use what is called a metal strong-box [usually fireproof] which is usually under a bed or tucked away in a closet. Again, the task of finding the key. My Dad had a ton of keys so I had to try each and every one.

Ask Mom if she remembers who was the Attorney who drew up the Power of Attorney. Mom can call the Attorney and request a copy of the said POA. You can take Mom to the Attorney's office as that might be quicker.

As to whom is the Power of Attorney, usually couples have each other as their Power of Attorney. It depends on when your Dad or her husband had passed or living elsewhere.

Usually an Attorney will recommend a back-up Power of Attorney. Would you be her Power of Attorney? Do you remember signing that document saying you would take this responsibility? If not, what about your Mom's siblings, or if you have any siblings? Usually people don't go outside of the family to elect a POA.

Hope you find that legal document.
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