I would like to connect with a social worker for my mother to help navigate life with her illness. Info on how to pay for programs or home care. Or info on programs for her in general.

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Start with the Area Agency on Aging.

You can also find a certified Geriatric Care Manager.
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My mother’s doctor gave me the name and phone number of a geriatric social worker.

Call her doctor or the hospital that she uses.
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The link above goes to your local agency that would be able to help. Please contact them.
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Hi Flynn

There are programs available.
The amount of help depends on your moms health and degree of impoverishment.
You can start with the Area Agency on Aging in the county where your mom lives.
Depending on her health insurance she may qualify
for some help through them Look for Alzheimer’s groups in her area. Search the Alzheimer’s website for aid in locating them.
If she or your dad were wartime vets she may qualify for aid and attendance benefits through the VA.
If she qualifies for hospice, she can receive incontinence supplies and bathing assistance if those are things she needs. Sometimes there are adult daycares in the area that can be helpful for some patients. That and meals on wheels can be asked about at the AAA in your area.
I hope this helps.
About the geriatric social worker. Check with the AAA on that as well. They can be a great resource. More services in some areas than others but they should get you started.
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