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I think Linda22 and Wally003 just about covered it but i'll add just a wee bit more.

Give your loved ones PCP a call or stop by there office, leave a note for the PCP or talk to him in person whats going on and what you need him to do for you. Make an appointment as soon as possible and get it over with.
If the family member is a serious risk you don't want them being on the news that they just plowed into a group of people or have them kill themselves or someone else. A car is considered a weapon and your loved one could do jail time if they hurt someone.

When someone has their driving privilege taken away its like taking away a huge , huge part of their independence. And they fall into depression. A way to help ease this is to often ask if they would like to go somewhere or if your going somewhere ask them if they would like to tag along. They can always call Uber if you have that kinda thing where you live or a taxi. Just don't let them sit around and watch the paint dry. They WILL fall into depression if they did not want to give it up voluntarily. When that happens it takes a long time to get them out of it.

Be proactive and if you have other family members or your loved ones has friends near by get them involved to do things with your loved one.

Make the best of it. Don't let it get the best of you.

Good luck =0)
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It can be helpful to have the doctor tell him/her rather than a family member.
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are you trying to get a parent to stop driving? sometimes you have to tell white lies (in order to protect person)

you can tell them the doctor said no more driving, that he will report them to the DMV

also if they are having memory issues or mobility problems. you could blame it on the insurance company. saying, you can not drive any more because the insurance will no longer cover accidents.

can you provide more info, such as why you want to have them stop driving??
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