Mom sometimes forgets her house of 45 years is home and wants to leave. Do I move her to a secured Memory Care community to keep her safe?

When you say your mother wants to leave - what happens? Does she attempt to leave? Does she sometimes succeed???
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I think we need a bit more information to get a better picture. For instance, has your mother been diagnosed with dementia; is she living alone (I assume, but cannot really tell); what other out of the ordinary behaviours have you noticed? For instance, leaving the gas on, making phone calls in the middle of the night, losing things that are ultimately found to be strategically hidden rather than lost; forgetting who people are, their relationships; even forgetting you. Can she still handle her financial, medical and personal affairs without assistance; Does she need assistance with cooking and housework?
Just based on the information you have written it does not sound like she necessarily needs memory care at this moment, but she may well benefit from permanent residence in an aged care facility, with a view to memory care at a later stage.
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