I will need to move my mom to the area before March. She has dementia but is mobile and able to eat, bathe, and dress herself although she needs help with meals and probably needs a locked facility in case she wanders. She has very limited income including pensions and SS ($2850/mo). She’s not a veteran & does not have any savings and not on Medicaid but is on Medicare.

Can anyone recommend a non-profit facility or a memory care facility or other option that I can look into in the general area that might accept her? I’m not familiar with Florida resources and could really use some guidance! Thanks!!

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Try calling the Area Agency on Aging for the County in Florida you are moving your mom to. Here is the link for the state of Florida.

Here is a link with info for Medicaid in Florida.

A certified elder attorney well versed in Medicaid in the state of Florida would be able to help you qualify your mom for placement.
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When my Dad was in Memory Care here in Virginia, the monthly cost was around $6k to $7k per month. Thus, your Mom may have to go the route of Medicaid since she would find it difficult to budget for said expense. Medicaid will cover room/board and care to an elder who qualifies. The facility would be a nursing home.

Medicare will not cover the cost of any type of facility, it's only for health care.

Call the Florida Medicaid Department to see what steps are needed for your Mom to qualify. Some people use an "Elder Law Attorney" to help them get through the Medicaid maze. If your Mom isn't already living in Florida, you would need to check to see how long she needs to be a resident before she can qualify for Medicaid [which is funded by the taxpayers].

Hope everything works out.
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