Going to have to move my mom to a licensed facility. My brother does the submitting to the long term care insurance to see if the places that we like will be approved. There is a place in the city where she used to live that is totally memory care. I feel that she would do better there. There is more open space for her to walk around instead of in a straight line.

The problem that I'm having now is that my brother won't return my e-mail about another place that I want him to check out. Granted, he is busy teaching, etc. But I wouldn't think that he would be too busy to reply to my e-mail.

I did get her to sign the healthcare rep form and I am going to mail the original to her atty. I already faxed him the original. Learning that things get harder the older your parents get.

She has to move before the end of the year. I would be willing to help him out by having friends from church help her move, if she is approved. She doesn't have that much to move anymore. Got rid of a bunch of things. In less than a year, she downsized that I'm not surprised that her head isn't swimming.

Although, her mental capacity seems to be doing better since she moved. Shoot, she is almost 89.

Thanks to everyone for your views and opinions on my posts. Trust that you are blessed by all that you have done and area doing!

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So, the title of your question is, should you be worried about moving your mom with dementia. Have you told her that a move is in the offing? What was her reaction?

How long ago did you email brother? If it's been a couple of days, might you consider a text or phone call?
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Judy79 Oct 29, 2019
It was probably a couple of days. He has his life. When he responds, he will respond.
As my mom, I have told her about it and she seemed fine with it. I told her why also. Plus it's going to be in the city where she lived for 20 years. She knows that she won't be going to be living in her old house, since it is sold. But I think that being back in the city will hopefully be good for her.
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