Mother in law fell, fractured her hip. Went to rehab for 6 weeks. Wasn't ready to go home and got her Medicaid. She wants to go home and cannot. Side note, she is a little bit of a spitfire and has had some behavior issues...mostly because she is aggravated and wants to go home to her apartment. Full disclosure, she has not hit anyone or been aggressive, just all talk and a little bad language. Anyway, got her an assessment for home care and asked her to do more therapy. She didn't do enough and just did half the work and now they won't pay for more therapy and she can't go home w/out 24/7 care. Want to move her to a better rated nursing home, she feels she is mistreated where she is (and to be honest, this nursing home doesn't get very good ratings, found them in a pinch for rehab). Had social worker at current nursing home fax over what they needed. The new nursing home has looked it all over and wants to go and observe her at the current nursing home...saying it's hard to just see nursing notes and I get that. Was very honest with potential new nursing home, but felt that she really is a sweet lady (known her 26 years). New nursing home has not heard back from social worker, but shouldn't they allow them in? Covid should not stop this visit, they are a clinical nursing team. Sorry, but I can't find anything about how this works. If they see her in her environment and see that she isn't a huge behavior problem, then they should take her (of course if there is a bed). Thanks for the help/feedback.

Thank you, but I guess I don't know what I'm complaining about. Should the social worker help me? Should I call the ombudsman?
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I had to stand over the person that was supposed to handle the process at the facility my dad was leaving.

You need to call until they are sick of hearing your voice.

I would also be sure and file complaints with the governing body and Medicare. These facilities are trained to keep people, it is hundreds of dollars a day and they are really doing nothing for the person leaving. Be that squeaky wheel!
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