How do I help someone that is in decline? He has no one to care for him and we are so worried.


There is a man that comes into the coffee house I manage. He lives a couple of blocks away and has come in for a few years. He has had a noticeable decline in the last 3-4 months and now rarely bathes, forgets to pay rent/bills and is losing weight. I suspect that he doesn't think to eat a lot of the time; more days than not now we just make him breakfast without even asking him. He is now saying that he is going to lose his apartment and says he will just go downtown and find a room. I will talk to his landlord tomorrow, but it is pretty clear that our friend needs help, which he is loathe to accept, by the way. Is there anything that can be done?

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I hope your friend's landlord will speak with you. Maybe he will have a name of a relative or contact in his paperwork.

There should be some local agencies that will check in on your friend if he has no relatives to help him out.

Someone will come along with some good advice soon. This is a great site with great folks with lots of helpful advice.

Good luck tomorrow!
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