I live with my grandma. She has Parkinson's disease. She can't go out without coolies help. There is no elevator and she lives with wheelchair. She has lots of diseases. But the first thing that I am trying to improve her health by giving her freedom(?). Actually, we buy everything which dietician told us but we can't talk about the health if someone can't go out. She is at home over 20 days. 20 days ago we went out to a hospital that's all. I NEED Bits of ADVICE.

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Can the family move to a first floor apartment? If so, that can be an option. If there's a waiting list, get on it. Short of moving it will be difficult.
Good luck! I am sure she appreciates your efforts.
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Thank you cwillie,I started to search on the internet the topics that you said.
eyerishlass Coolie means: worker, porter , carrier.If there were a fire here, We would carry her wheelchair from the third floor to the ground; However, it is impossible for the routine. STILL;
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Unfortunately lots of elders reach a point where they become house bound. Is there any possibility of adding a ramp or wheelchair lift to make getting out easier?
Work at making her home her oasis; surround her with the things she loves, provide her with activities, visit often and invite her friends to visit too.
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You said in the title that "she can't go without coolies help". Who or what is a "coolie"?

If she's wheelchair bound and there's no elevator in her building have you considered moving? How would she get out if there were a fire? How does she get out to see the Dr.?
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