We bought a a Premier walk-in tub 2 years ago when my husband was able to install it. Then we had a serious financial problem ( lost $11,000), and hubby had a heart attack. My bed is in the living room, because the extra downstairs room is not floated or painted; and my furniture needs to be carried downstairs. We are 65 and 70 years old and can't do the work now. Any (licensed) help would be appreciated for the tub; and anyone with sheetrock experience.

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Badback, sounds like it might be a good time to downsize as maintaining a home doesn't become cheaper over the years, it becomes more expensive. Something is always breaking down. And nothing worse than 3 major issues happening all in one year. Take some time and see what is for sale that has just one level. As for selling your home, sell it "as is" unless you can find someone who can give you a good deal on finishing that bedroom. Sell the walk-in tub since it never been used.
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1. Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in April are organizations that help people in need.

2. Contact your local city or township offices and find out if they receive HUD funds for repairs. Sometimes the funds aren't available until a few months after the fiscal year; it depends on issues at the federal level.

If I recall correctly, these are grant funds and don't need to be repaid, but they may also be emergency repairs only.

3. Contact your local county and ask if it has a home improvement program. Ours does; maybe other counties do as well.

4. Last resort and probably the least likely to happen - contact trade schools and ask if they help with homeowner's projects. It could provide a way for students (with supervision) to get experience.

It sounds also as though it may be time to consider a home that's only on one floor as the maintenance and difficulty of a 2 story home is challenging to people with medical limitations. Something to think about....
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