Have been caring last 4 yrs of 90 yr old Grandmother. Started with 4 hip surgeries in 30 day period approx. 4 yrs ago and now has suffered a stroke in last 30 days and after hospitalization came home. She also has suffers from genetic hearing loss that has become complete hearing loss now. She has advanced macular degeneration and is unable to see almost anything now, so communication problems on top of health problems are becoming almost too much for me to handle but because of communication problems with anyone else, having her be in a nursing home or assisted living does not feel like a good option either. She has had to be in a nursing home environment 2 different times and it is very hard on all involved including myself as I feel that I have to be there to be her "eyes and ears"

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Hello snitzellewis,

Here is an eBook that our editors have written that gives you a step-by-step on how to search for home care. I've also included an article that defines alternative ways to pay for home care.

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I would choose in-home care over a daycare. If she can't see or hear being at a daycare wouldn't be enjoyable for her.

Google "home health agencies" in your area. Read the reviews on Yahoo! Answers or Yelp. Choose one or two you like and go from there. This will give you a much needed break as well.
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