How to help elderly with computer passwords?


My dad keeps accidentally changing his passwords on bank accounts, computer, email program. I don't know why, it might be Mac dialog boxes that pop up offering to save a password, but is there a way to use fingerprint access to make process easier?

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nelly2010, I know what you mean, my Dad's password for his email had to be something complicated... Dad thought he was being safe. Yeah, so safe he couldn't even get into his email :P

For awhile I was able to "shadow"my late Dad's email, just to make sure there wasn't anything that might get Dad into a mess if he clicked on junk email.

Dad would call AOL so often I was surprised that AOL didn't block his telephone number. Now mind you, Dad was still using dial-up as he didn't want to spend money having cable placed into his home.

Modern technology is moving at such a pace that once you finally figure out how everything works, there have been two dozen upgrades since then.
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Wow, thanks Pam. I didn't realize these were on the market! I see they are not even expensive. That would give me one less headache, too.
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Yes, go to the Mac store and ask about biometric passwords.
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