Does anyone else have trouble deciphering the abbreviations we use on here?


DH, LO, NH, DC, ???? Sometimes I can determine who or what the writer is referring to by reading the question but there are times when I just can't figure it out. We need a code legend (CL) to use that appears where the questions are posted.

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I know when I first started reading these forums I was wondering why so many people were moving to Illinois to live [IL which I found out later meant Independent Living].... to Alabama [AL = Assisted Living].... and to New Hampshire [NH = Nursing Home]... I kid you not.

I am just guessing at this, DC might be Day Care.
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DH = Dear Husband
LO = Loved One
Every so often somebody new asks this question and we all agree there should be an easy way to link to the meaning of abbreviations. One way is to type "abbreviations" into the site search box to find other threads about this, but of course newbies often don't know how to do that either LOL :)
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Yes. What is a DH? Think NH is nursing home. D.C. No idea
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I've been reading this site for about 5 years and have found it to be very helpful. I also have problems with many of the abbreviations and have to figure them out by their context in the post.
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