Family is working to keep Dad at home, at least until Covid is no longer issue. He has some signs of dementia although he manages most things himself; we clean and shop. Biggest issue is boredom and loneliness. Short visits by others throughout week would help and relieve our worry, we just don't know how to make it happen.

Covid has made it so difficult for in home health care. I tried for over a year with 2 unsuccessful home care services, and their employees were unreliable, unprofessional, and of no help. Meantime, I had the job of 24/7 care for my husband with Alzheimers, which took a toll on my physical and mental health, after doing this for over the past 6 years. Therefore, leaving me no option but to place him in a memory care facility where he could at least be around others and get the care he needs. The "confinement" here at home alone with me and not being around his friends, or even not able to go places to visit, shop, etc., due to Covid, left him highly agitated at times, especially during the sundown syndrome times. His anger was a bit much for me, and he hit me once, and threatened to do so again other times. I've been criticized by family and friends to make the decision for his placement, but they are all out of town and state, and were not here 24/7 to see what all was going on. So, this has been hard to deal with all alone, even though I made this choice for his best interest, and he's adapted to his new home, especially since the alzheimers has progressed. The loneliness and depression, and guilt, still overwhelms my body to this day, and being alone makes it worse. I just wish that our county here in Ohio had a support system to help me now.
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The Senior Companion Program in Colorado where I live has been suspended due to the plague, as I'm sure it has been in most other states. If you Google Senior Companion Program on your computer, info will come up for your local area.

You can call a service like Home Instead & pay for someone to come care for or sit with your father for 4 hours at a pop as often as you'd like. They would also do light housekeeping and other things your father needed. I used to work for HI years ago and had a few clients I'd care for and a couple that I would watch Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy with after I cooked dinner for them in the evenings.
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Call Council on Aging in your area.
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