I have already seen a cardiologist and had tests, it all scares a person as the words stroke, heart blockage, etc. is heard.

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AlvaDeer has given you some good advice. Low blood pressure can be caused by SO many things that sometimes it is hard to determine why. We need more information before we can give more appropriate advice or suggestions.

You need to keep track of your blood pressure morning and evening and whenever you feel like your blood pressure is low.

WEDMD website has good information about low blood pressure--

The American Heart Association, CDC, and others have paper BP logs that you can download to your computer and print out.

You can also download BP tracker applications to your smartphone or Iphone, etc.

I have had low blood pressure for 20+ years. (It is heredity--my paternal grandfather and aunt had low blood pressure). I have been able to live a normal life as long as I keep myself hydrated, change from lying to sitting to standing positions slowly, watch for signs of my blood pressure getting low, and taking my medications as ordered. It is nothing to be scared about--just something to be aware of as you go about your daily life and make adjustments if necessary.
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Yes, just read an article that said to sit up in bed for a few minutes before getting up. Helps the blood flow thru the body to the heart. Also have read to drink a glass of water when first getting up.
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Drink more water and see if the blood pressure goes up.
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I first must assume that you are not on any medications that can have a side effect of lowering your blood pressure. Look up any medication you have.
Nextly be safe as you are able. Get up from sitting or laying down position slowly in steps because this changing of position can lower pressure temporarily further, causing what is called "postural hypotension".
Nextly, you don't tell me your age, but when we pass a certain point we lose our drive to take in fluids; the normal signals don't work for us. Most people of a certain age typically enter the hospital with blood that shows "dehydration". Fluid gives volume to keep everything pumping; think of it that way. Keep hydrated.
Can you tell me what underlying conditions you have if any? The blood pressure system is soooo complex, involving so many factors from hormones to kidneys. I am assuming your doc did all the tests and sees no reason explainable right now.
Do know that some people have normally a low blood pressure. I do. It is more what is called labile in that my "white coat phobia" will shoot my pressure up in doc office, down at home. When relaxed I am seldom over 90 to 110/ 0. I have had dental folk who give anesthesia when fear factor takes me from 160/90 to 90/0 when they gave nitrous oxide. But relax me at all and that is my pressure.
Thirdly, you should now get the best measurement device (ask doctor) for at home measurement, check it against your doc office to see if you get readings fairly comparable, keep a twice daily reading of your BP.
And most of all, don't worry overmuch. At this point it could be anything, or nothing. You will follow up with medical. Symptoms are what you need a diary of so start a daily Blood Pressure Book.
Wishing you all the good luck. Remember that you seldom hear of people dying from low blood pressure, but high blood pressure is a real killer. Just follow up.
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