This person that is being taken care of, lived with her dad & mom for over twenty years after an accident in 1980's. Both parent's have passed away. She was married had two children and the husband got full control over children.
Time has passed now and the daughter has full guardianship. She was living with daughter, who is married and has two children ages 3 & 7.
I don't usually care about this , but she has moved her into our apartment complex which is called a handicap facility.
I had her living in my apartment for the last two years, but her guardian and I had a disagreement and she put her back down in her apartment .
We all care about her mom, she is very sweet, but brain damage is apparent.
If you mistreat her she will retaliate and the daughter is real good for using this against her when confronted.
Our disagreement was of the way she takes care of her mom. I told her that when I tell you your mom is in pain I need to know what I should do or how you are going to handle the situation. It was a toothache. I informed her daughter on a Wednesday, go get some abersol and give her advil on Friday I tried to call her and they would't answer the phone ( they have caller ID ) and it's not the first time she has been ignored. Friday evening her brother called me and said we have an appointment for Monday give her warm water with salt she'll be OK, we're drinking wine and stuff tonight. ( The brother is 33 and is a real piece of work).
The mother takes a lot of medicines, she dosen't even know what they are used for, except for the new one she just put her on, which makes her sleep.
It's for muscle spasms and a relaxent.
This little woman falls backwards. She feel the other day and put a good 1and 1/2 inch in her back. We didn't even bother to tell her daughter, because of the retalletion she may come back with at her. She has already threatened to move her out of the apartment complex, because we see to much.
It's hard to put everything that is going on into words.
I don't want to call APS, they will just make things worse.
I talked to this womans brother and he cliamed that as soon as he can he will come himself to see what is going on over here. He lives 6 hours away and I asked him not to say anything to anyone that would inform her, because it will be showtime which this little girl is very good at (little girl 30 years old ).
What is a guardians responsibilities ?

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Could you share more about your resistance to call APS?
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Call your local social service this woman could really get hurt or worse I have called them before they are thee to help and they will never say who called I'm sure she is vertigo some kind of help that's why they are there. Good luck to you and thank god there is someone looking out for that lady. .
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