After years of trying to get mom to appoint me as alternate on her POA, in case my brother were to die and she would have no one to help, I realize they misspelled my last name! I have only had this last name 30 years! And they did this with an attorney. I don't even want to mention it, it has been like pushing a rope up hill. But will this cause me trouble if i should have to use the POA?

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Thank you answering my question. I don't know what happened to my question, but with just an "A" there, I am sure I will get few responses. Your mom sounds somewhat like mine. my brother has all POA, is her medical POA, is on her checking account, has all power. That is OK with me. He lives there and he will have his hands more than full. She has not been very nice to me so I am sure my brother told her she "had" to put me on as an alternate. Plus he can delegate his power with the POA to "anyone" he sees fit. It could be his son, wife, me or the man in the moon. I am sure mom doesn't realize this. Just poor, poor communication on their part. Thanks again.
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There is a legal expert on this website (part of the board?) that could probably weigh in. If you know the attorney's name; could you call him directly and ask him about it? Maybe he could confidentially approach your mom and ask her to verify the spelling or just make the change and send revision to your mom explaining that he had made error. I'm with ya sister! It has been uphill struggle with my mom -- she insists she has done the POA for me (yet I don't know if it is just medical, financial one, etc.) and she refuses to let me read it or have a copy -- once we made her really mad about it and she just pulled a paper from a folder and waved it around in my face but wouldn't let me see it. Fortunately she left attorney's letterhead on the table and I copied his contact info in my phone should I ever have to use it.
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