My grandmother just passed away yesterday, My mom passed away at the end of January. This whole year feels like a nightmare and I just won't wake up, These two ladies have been the only family I have had. We all were so very close. I haven't worked since my moms passing because I moved and took care of my grandmother. Now they are both gone and I dont know how to cope. I have tried all different kinds of methods. They don't seem to be working. I know we all cope in different ways. I just need some motivation I guess to keep going. Any Ideas? I would appreciate anything.

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Hmmm, since I wrote my initial response my mom has also passed. There are stages of grief the first being denial. My mom had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's nearly 12 years ago. I lost her a bit at a time over the course of many years. That may make the grief process different.

Love2 since you posted this have you found the support that you need? I am going to do some checking around to see what is available.

CDN thank you for the extensive list.
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Dear Friend,

My deepest sympathies and condolences on the passing of your beloved mother and grandmother. I'm very sorry for your losses. It is a hard time. Almost 9 months later I am too still looking for ways to cope.

The finality of death although hard fact of life, it takes a long time for our mind to come to terms with. Taking care of your mother and grandmother was a very honorable thing to do. And its only natural to struggle after their loss.

I know we all grieve differently but I have tried almost everything and anything. Here is my list, so I hope maybe something will be of use. Thinking of you.

Grief counselling
Grief support groups
Reading different websites:
What's Your Grief
The Grief Healing Blog
The Grief Recovery Method

Reading different books and articles
Taking new classes
Writing a letter to my father
Posting on different grief forums

Take care of yourself the best you can. Please know you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings. We are all here to listen. Hugs my friend.
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My mum passed away two months ago and I feel your pain, the weeks after my mum's death were the worst, I just couldn't comprehend what happened although she wasn't well it was unexpected we never thought she will die so suddenly like she did.
I have a family but felt very alone with the pain, I didn't want them to see me crying which made it worse because I was suppressing my feelings to avoid my kids and husband to see me crying. But on mother's day we went out for a meal and I couldn't stop crying I was in a public place and my tears wouldn't stop. I think all the upset I was holding inside came out like a fountain. People kept saying time will heal, and we have to believe in people that have gone through it. I still question a lot of things, although a did the best for my mum and she was a big part of my life I kept thinking I could have done more, it's very irrational to be thinking that but it's part of the grieving process, and looking for blame about why did it happened?. Even recently I went to see her oncologist to give me explanations about my questions and doubts and although he answered everything I asked him I still came out with doubts. It's a matter of coming to terms and accept their death, grieving is a process there are no short cuts unfortunately.
My piece of advice is to talk to people that are understanding and will be willing to listen or they have gone through the same experience that really helps you need to let everything out and you feel a lot better by doing it. If you need to talk you can contact by e-mail. Big hugs xx
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You are young to go through 2 such losses in such a short period of time. Most houses of worship offer some level of support for those who have suffered family deaths. United way may have some support groups as well as your local hospital. At 28 ,you have your entire life in front of you and neither your Mom or grandmother would want you to go through this alone. Reach out to friends and see if you can 'meet up'. Try to plan and do one thing each day. Start out with basics, food shopping for example. Do you have any cousins that might help you through this period? Be honest, let friends know you are struggling with the two close deaths.
I am sorry for your loss. There will be ups and downs, but you are already reaching out to the online community. This is the beginning of taking those steps.
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Wow, that is a lot to deal with. We're either on hospice? Though, no matter, hospice companies have support groups for those that have lost loved ones. Hospice whether you used them or not would, most likely, let you participation. There are many other options for grief support too. Try to Google it. In person group would be better.
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