My grandmother lived at home alone and is visited by her son very infrequently, so I moved back into the house with her. After being gone for a day I came home and she had broken her toe, which has turned black, and the entire house smelled like urine and feces. I tried to clean up the best I could, but she wasn't allowing me and she will not let me take her to the hospital to get her toe looked at. What should I do? Her son refuses to speak with me and I have no other family I can call about this situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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When I hear of a blackened part of the lower extremity, I wonder if she is a diabetic. If so, call 911 now. My mom woke up with a blackened foot once and had blockage in her thigh which resulted in vascular surgery. Can you rely on the story about how the toe was broken? Sometimes they lie to prevent actions they don't want to happen. Or just get her in the car and take her to the ER.
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If you call 911 it will be reported...she may refuse to go to hospital but they may convince her other wise.
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