Is there any govt program that helps with expenses?


My Mom (88) lives with me. She is quite healthy. I cover all the expenses of the house. She pays for her supplemental health insurance. I cover co pays or whatever comes up. I used to rent my spare room out but I have mom now which is a blessing but a bit of an expense.

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There are two government programs that I can think of to help with home care related expenses. The first is called EISEP (Extended Inhome Services for the Elderly Program). Its administered through a partnership between the State of New York's office of the aging and our local United Way agency. It might go by another name in other states, this is a program designed to keep older adults off Medicaid, which is a very expensive program (for the taxpayer). It helps pay for (on a sliding scale depending on income) House Keeping, Home Making and Meal Preparation. It also will pay for personal care such as bathing and toileting, but its harder to get into the personal care program because of the high demand, higher cost and shorter supply of caregivers available. :-(

The second program is called Medicaid. Its the program of last resort, you must "spend down" your entire life's savings before you can get into this type of system unless you have a "State Partnership" Long Term Care Insurance plan which allows you to transition to Medicaid directly with out going through the spend down process after the initial value of the Insurance Plan is expended.

But because your mother lives with you, and all her needs seem to be met... by you... I doubt she would qualify for any these programs, or any government grant type programs either.
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Why isn't your mother paying rent for the room, and also for her food? What is she doing with her income?
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