My father has the beginning stages of demetia and my has had numerous strokes, blind mostly and needs assist with bathing, dressing, feeding etc. She lives with mom and dad full time taking care of them and my other sister lives with them but she has a full time job during the day but in the evening takes care of them. We were referred to SWIRCA by the local Welfare office and a Home Health Care Agency. Where can they receive pay for the care they provide?

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turnerwk, that is nice that both your sisters wants to be their parents Caregiver, but before too long both are going to burnt out. Especially the sister who works outside of the home full-time, then comes home to her second full-time job. Dementia becomes a 24 hour a day job with no breaks. Who is going to have the energy to care for Dad from midnight to 7 in the morning when he starts to be active all night long?
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Go to the legal tab at the top of this site and query "caregiver pay". You should see lots of answers and guidance on this topic.

I support getting compensation when a family member has primary care responsibilities. You should set it up legally such as drawing up an "employment agreement " with houly rate, expenses, vacation pay and time, etc. you should discuss with sibs so all are on board with this. You should receive payment weekly...not say, well I'll tally up and we can settle out of estate later...or, well you live with mom and dad rent free so that should be part of this....NO.

If all don't agree, including parents, then you are better off hiring in home care and having a life of your own. Consider how this extra responsibility will eventually impact your real daytime job.
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