Good activities to engage a senior?


For years my father was a very active senior but recently he seems to have disengaged. He is 84 and has some difficulty walking but is mobile. I am looking for some ideas of how to increase his physical activity and engagement. I think he would like activities that include other people.

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You can also use the search function on the upper right side of the page immediately underneath the blue tool bar. I found these other posts on activities for seniors:
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Check out Dance for PD. One doesn't need to have Parkinson's to participate, as I understand.

It's an international movement begun by professional ballet dancers who wanted to share the benefits of dance, in sometimes its most simplistic forms, for those with PD. As I understand the movement, it's expanded to others with mobility issues.

There are some online videos that can be seen. The dancing isn't energetic and doesn't require professional training. For some folks, sitting in a chair and moving their arms in time to music is challenging, but they're able to participate.

Senior Centers often need help preparing for events, following on Ahmijoy's suggestion. This is especially the situation around end of the year holidays.

Could he sit down and help prepare food baskets for organizations such as Forgotten Harvest? Could he volunteer to man the phones for PBS fundraising projects?

What did he do for a living, and what were his interests before becoming mobility sensitive? I think that's always a good starter because it can build and adapt past or currently existing skill sets.
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Most towns have a Senior Center. Have you investigated one in your town? If you are a Senior as well, you could join him so he feels more comfortable.
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