My grandma and grandpa are both each other's POA. My grandpa is on the onset of dementia and does not even think he is at his own home right now. My grandma is of sound mind and she doesn't want to discuss POA with my mom and I. She refuses to leave their home, even though my grandpa is very sick. Her caretaker told us she is also very sick right now because of a medical device she left inside of herself for too long. She now has an infection. I am nervous that if she dies, we will be unable to get my grandpa help. I live in New Mexico and they live in Texas. I do not think we will be able to get guardianship because of this. Can I pursue POA over my grandparents at this point?

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It is likely that grandma isn't sharp enough to know that grandpa shouldn't be her POA anymore. Sick, in denial, etc. Il If they don't GIVE you POA you can't get it. You are probably looking at the expensive alternative of guardianship. Being out of state is probably a would be here in NV. However, if you have to, and it's allowed, you can partner up with someone in their state to work with you. Get a few free consultations from elder law attorneys. If the caregiver can help out by putting you in touch with their doctor or case manager you should have a planning session with them over the phone. What do the professionals way?
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Your grandpa does not sound competent to give you POA over him and your grandma does not sound willing to even discuss the matter. Without her willlingness to give you POA over her, there is nothing you can do.
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