I am my dad's POA for both finanicial and medical purposes. My dad lived at 2 different facilities and is now living with me and my husband. It has turned into a big mistake. I broke my foot 2 days after he moved in and my husband had a medical condition where he should not be lifting anything. Now since I am laid up and my dad's pension check isn't much, alot of his money is going toward the CNAs who come to shower and dress him. My dad does not qualify for Medicare since his employers did not pay into. I want the state to take over his care but I don't know what kind of lawyer should I see about doing so. I have gone through so much taking care of my dad and I just can't do it anymore.

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Who paid for the former facilities your dad lived in? And who paid his medical costs? I agree that I'd see if he qualifies for disability and Medicaid.
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Do you mean that dad was paid off the boks?

If he has limited assets and only Social Security, he should qualify for Medicaid. You don't need a lawyer. Donload the form for your state and start gathering 5 years of banking statements.
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