My mother refuses to see doctors to assess her current health, mental anxiety and physical health. Needing legal advice on how to handle and what course of action I can take to try and get her the necessary help she needs?

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Lgirl, sometime we need to use what are called "therapeutic fibs" to get our parent to do something in their best interest.

As Jeanne said above, you could tell Mom that she will lose all of her health insurance if she doesn't see a doctor a least twice a year..... if there is an emergency, she would need to pay out of her pocket thousands of dollars. Yes, it's a fib, but if it works, it was well worth it.

Or tell her you have a doctor's appointment and you want her to go with you [the appt is for her] as she give you comfort. Let the doctor's front desk know what you are doing.

Next time she falls, call 911, she might like the attention from the para-medics :)
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That's tough. If she not not been declared incompetent to make her own decisions by a court, and you are not her guardian, then you cannot force her to see someone she does not want to see. Your best tools are persuasion and perhaps trickery.

Parents often disregard advice from their "children" -- what do they know? Does mother have a friend or person she might listen to with more respect than she listens to you? Clergy? Her hairdresser? A bridge partner? If you can think of someone, try explaining the situation to them and see if they can drop a word or two with Mom.

Trickery comes in with things like telling her that she needs a physical exam to keep her medical insurance.

You can't drag her kicking and screaming into a medical office, but I sure wish you luck in getting her there!
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