Hi there, I am planning on retiring in 2 1/2 years, moving to my mom's home, and caring for her full time. However, my brother owns her home and the property it is on, and he has said he doesn't want me to care for her. He bought the property from mom a few years ago and makes payments to her. I've already told him I will be using my pension to pay for my share of the expenses and am not expecting him to pay me for caring for her. What I would like to know is, can my brother force me out of my mom's home once I move in with her?

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Well my other brother (I only have 2) has POA, and we know he is in favor of my moving down and caring for her. I'm not about to change my mind on this either, as she is in the country on 100 acres of former farm land that belonged to her parents. Retiring to the country is in the plans. I am definitely praying about this.

(At this point in my life I"m not about to marry, I have 3 cats and that is enough. LOL)
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Probably he can. He owns the house, right? He could even evict Mom, I think.

There may be some legal ways around this -- the right of a tenant to have the care provider of her choice, for example. But going in to this with a legal battle sounds very unpleasant.

A lot can happen in 2.5 years. Mom's health could be much worse and she may not be able to stay home. You could have health problems by then. You may have met prince charming and moved off to your own castle. Your brother could change his mind. Lots of things can happen. I wouldn't spend a lot of time and effort on this issue now, but as the time gets closer and that is still what you want to do, get a legal opinion about your mother's rights and your rights in this situation.
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